Monday, July 8, 2013

hey guys. this week was great! sister brasil and i are having a blast! we´re getting ready to travel to floripa tonight for a council with President Fernandes tomorrow and then we´ll head off to Cricíuma for a division with some sisters there. it´ll be a traveling week. full of adventures and lots of bus rides. yay?

so this past week was action packed. we had investigators at church! i attended my first festa juninha, we had an exposition of the book of mormon and an encounter of choirs! i will send pics.

miracle of the week. we are teaching a couple named Jean and Maiara. Jean is less active and Maiara is a non-member with a lot of interest in the church. she wants to get baptized but she is being held back by Jean because he doesn´t want to getting married legally. but a miracle happened. soo it all started on wednesday when we visited Maiara. she prayed for the first time aloud! we have been visiting her for like 2 transfers and she never would!! and then finally this week she did and it was perfect and beautiful!! then on sunday...this week...they went to church! and it was testemony meeting...and all of a sudden Jean got up and bore his testemony and the spirit literally set fire to the rain...adele style. i was so caught off guard and so happy. as members of the church we kind of get into a routine of bearing our testmonies and it turns into just repeating the same things over and over. but when someone get up there and literally bears their soul, it´s so refreshing. i was so proud of him and it looks like he found the desire to get married and get active again! so we are helping them!! ohh AND...Maiara´s dad passed away one year ago this month. so she is already preparing his name to take to the temple...every heard better news?!

love you guys! gotta go.
see ya later...
sister myers    

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