Monday, July 1, 2013

hey you guys...i´m here in the office in floripa today! i have another appointment with the dermatologist! but guess what? sister winslow is heading out tomorrow. like super soon. like the mission ends? i don´t think so right? it can´t be true. so it´s cool to be here in the office with everyone that´s going home, just to be able to see every one last time. 

this week was good. we worked hard. i want to kill sister winslow good. this week coming up will be super good too. we have a few activities planned and it should be a good time. so i´m staying in tubarão! at least one more transfer. i am super happy because this area is so rad. the members are cool and there is a lot of action. it´s a tough zone and a tough area, but i am enjoying the challenge.

my new comp is BRASILIAN!!!! the heavens opened and Heavenly Father sent me a brasileira!! hallelujah!! and her name is Sister Brasil! i don´t know if you guys remember but i arrived with her!! she was in the MTC with me and we caught the same plane here the day we arrived and now...comps. maybe my last one! i had american companions for over 7 months...i am super pumped to perfect my português and feel like i´m in Brasil. haha...

it´s so weird how used i am to everything here. like nothing surprises me anymore. like when someone grabs a dirty plate out of the sink to serve me cake...i don´t even think twice. or when i see a 19 year old girl breastfeeding a 3 year´s normal.

did you all hear about the riots that are going on here? there were a few here in tubarão. a tons of people are protesting because of the price of public transportation and the price of food and the price of everything actually. in the bigger cities the protesters got a little out of hand burning things and breaking everything. but here it was pretty low-key. it seemed like most of the protesters were high school kids with no clue as to why they were protesting in the first place. 

well love you guys, have a great week and i will do the same!!
sister myers

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