Monday, August 19, 2013

hi there, how are things
so this week has been crazy! I picked up my new missionary and we got to our new area. My comp is Sister Anacreto from São Paulo. She is super small and super cool. She always makes facial expressions like she wants to throw up, but I think it´s just part of her personality. We have walked soo much this week, when we got home night my legs and feet were swollen!!  I layed down and stuck my legs in the air for like an hour. i am loving my new area. it is literally san diego times 78. we live with another dupla and we divided the area the night we arrived. i lucked out big time because i ended up with the beach side. i´ve seen the beach everyday this week. talked with the surfers, made contacts with the hippies. bought some of their handmade could say i´m making friends...
highlights of the week...

i made a contact with a model that works in NYC and is from my area. he was visiting his family here in an area called armação. he spoke english. mais ou menos. he was more interested in himself then my invitation to come unto Christ. but´s hard to compete with the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. 
I SAW A WHALE!!!!!! ok  so we were on the bus going to lunch and passing the beach in this super jungley area...i looked over and a freaking WHALE jumped out of the water!! and i starting screaming WHALE WHALE WHALE!!! english because "whale" isn´t a word that i have learned yet...and one of the sisters that i live with, sister nascimento was like...yeah wow right?!  but she was thinking that i was just impressed with the beach and screaming "wow." but i was like "NO NO NO whale! you know the huge thing that swallowed jonas!!" by this time the whale was long gone and no one else saw but me. but we found out that this time of year the whales migrate to this part of the island to give birth to the little baby whales and take care of them for a few months. so needless to say you all will receive whale pictures here shortly. 
ok so i live with two brasilians and one sister from argentina. the sister from argentina is new and arrived with my comp. she is learning the language and is a little bit shy to talk to people. yesterday she finally got the courage to make a contact on the bus. she sat next to this guy and starting talking to him is português. he was like "i don´t speak português" and she was like "I DON`T EITHER!!" and started speaking spanish...but the guy shook his head, still not understanding and starting speaking she waved me over and i talked to him and his friend. and get this...they were two german guys, traveling, and lost. since i don´t know the area, i´m always lost too. it was quite the scence. an american (me) talking to them, two germans, in english, to find out where they needed to go and translating to sister nascimento in português so that she could figure out what bus they needed to catch. it was intense and needless to say everyone on the bus was staring at us. harder than usual. i kept switching and speaking to sister nascimento in english and the german guy in português and everyone was laughing and it was great. 
languages are cool. 

we are walking a lot, and working a lot and i am loving training! it is so legit and the timne passes super fast because you are always explaining something or teaching something. i love that i have to be a good example and that i have a lot of responsibility. wahoo. missions rock. 
até mais gente :) amo vocês!
sister myers 

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