Monday, August 12, 2013

well well well 
soo i asked Presidente Fernandes for a little favor.
i asked if i could train a new missionary my last two transfers...
and guess what?
the genie granted my wish!

i got transferred to rio tavares in florianópolis!!!
the capital baby. it´s a new area that i´ll be opening and it looks like i´ll finish my mission there. with a "novinha"

i am so happy that i get to train. i was worried that i wouldn´t get the chance because of the calling that i had. but we had interviews with President Fernandes this week and he said he felt good about it and that i will get to pass "all my knowledge" to a new sister. seriously- he really said that. haha. 

soo it´s been sad to say goodbye to all of my friends here in tubarão! bishop celso asked me to give a talk in sacrament meeting and i cried. and so did eveyone else. we´re having family night at the bishop´s house and xavier is going to make feijoada for all of us! two non-member couples that we are teaching will be there! super happy!! i´ll send pictures next week.

pray for the new missionary that i will train. the beginning of the mission is always super tricky. i will meet her tomorrow and send you guys a picture next week!

love you always
sister myers
or if you´re brasilian...mieres...haha

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