Monday, April 22, 2013

hey there, once again. 

how are you all? i am just dandy, sister marlette was looking through her stuff last night and found a cd with 150 songs. ALL CHURCH MUSIC. so we were jamming all day today. to say the least. on the mission- man anything with a tune and words is the coolest music ever. we were like shouting praises to the heavens above. i was about to break that efy cd president gave us. i have the whole things memorized. almost 11 months of that thing. every pday. haunting. me. 

ok did you guys hear about the changes with leadership with missionaries? so the leadship positions are now open for any missionary sister or elder. so it means distric leader, zone leaders or assistant. i am not excited. because i feel like leadership positions are a good opportunity for the elders to learn how to be men, organize things and take care of people. most sisters already know how to be bossy and controlling. (boom. roasted.) haha...but i don´t thing we´ll have that many changes soon. presidente fernandes seemed like he will act calmly with this new "apostacy" (that´s what were calling it). but yeah not looking forward to that. feel free to fast and pray for my cause. (joke)

alright...soo i really am not lying when i say it´s super hard to write emails now. i get frustrated because i think in portugês, and try to spit it out through my fingers in english...but it just ends up weird. i don´t know. ahhh. i don´t even know who i am anymore. 

ok sorry time is short again today. and i have a blank mind with nothing good to report...nothing good and everything good ya know? tomorrow sister marlette and i are going to a high school here in tubarão to speak english at this assembly thing!! haha bless my heart. it´ll be cool right? 

love you all!
to the moon and back!
3 weeks until skype!!!
everybody get your skype pants on...

sister myers

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