Monday, April 15, 2013

we meet again!! 

ok i can hardly type right now i am so happy.

let me just tell you the story of a man named eugenio. he has known the church for four years now. attending faithfully. changing everything in his life to live the standards of the gospel, and doing of this with a smile, but without being an actual baptized member of the church. he and his wife got married legally, as he was preparing to get baptized. everything was ready to go, but after his baptismal interview, he found out that because of something in his past, he had to send a letter to Salt Lake, to the prophet, for approval. eugenio has been waiting on this answer for a long time. he has continued to be faithful and loving. but these past three weeks he missed church. sister marlette and i were super worried about him and have been visiting him a ton. he told us that he has been losing hope, losing faith and that he feels judged and like his sins could never be forgiven.

so what did we decide to do?

we made a deal with eugenio, that we would all fast together. him, sister marlette and i. and we did it. this weekend we fasted and pleaded with heavenly father to send his answer so that he could move on with a new and clean life, dedicated to serving God. eugenio has come to church for years, dressed in his suit. always well groomed and radiating with worthiness. 

last time i asked President about the answer, he said that it could take anywhere from 3 more months to a year to get here. i kid you not 5 minutes ago sister marlette called me over to her computer here in the lan house, where we are using the internet. she was crying and told me that she got an email from President saying that he recieved a letter from Salt Lake with eugenio´s answer. he hasn´t opened it yet, he needs to talk to eugenio personally first.

i know this is an answer to our fast and prayers this week. have you guys ever had an experience that honestly blows your mind? where you no longer have a centimeter of doubt that God lives. that He loves us. and that He hears our prayers? if not, i ask you to use this experience of mine. that happened NOW. this very moment, as i am writing you. use it to strength your knowledge of our Heavenly Father. HE IS REAL. He is realer than real and He lives. He loves his children. US. He loves us. and if we would just be obedient, He would bless us more often. 

i love you all. seek to be more obedient. seek to receive more blessings!

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