Monday, December 31, 2012


ok i figured out why i´m not getting your emails...everyone is replying to my email and not creating a new one to send to every week i see one reply but i have to keep clicking back and back to see other replys...if that make sense...SO if you can create a new email everytime you send one to me ok?! LOVE YOU!

remember last week? remember when well conversed FACE TO FACE?! sooo cool right? was i weird? was i awkward? you can be honest. i was huh? haha. really it was the best thing that i could have ever gotten for christmas! loved it so much! i was on cloud 9 all week thinking of you guys and all the words we shared. everyone is super jealous of my beautiful family. it was so funny because i everyone was in the room behind me while i was talking...and when i was bearing my testimony to you guys i turned around for a sec and EVERYONE in the whole dang house was crying. hahaha. seriously...we were all having a breakdown. and after i had an adrenaline rush from pluto and i was pretty much busting down the walls of the house with felicidade. everyone said that i have such a beautiful family and that i am so blesed. and ya know´s true!

so why is it that i always get hit with some sort of freak illness around christmas time? remember strep throat? remember....ok maybe it was only strep throat one year......but anyway! sister winslow and i were working our tails of all week...loving life and friday night we had a meeting with the branch president. we went everything was great. but before the meeting i started feeling a little weird...i felt super hot but i just thought eh...sol deixa. after the meeting we were walking home and it was already late so i was like sister i think i am coming down with a little fever or something i´m just gunna go straight to bed and sleep it off so we can work tomorrow. and she was like ok! so i went to sleep, woke up in the middle of the night in a pool! jk- it was my bed full of sweat! haha ok tmi? but i was thinking on no....something gnarly is going on here...the next morning it felt like the teacher from the black lagoon had set up camp in my throat...and i was like...great. either tonslitis or strep throat. and you guys know how i am when i am the most miserable person alive right? and sister correa already can´t work because of her poor sister winslow is the mother of two sick little sweaty anyway...we got some medicine and went back home and i was just trying to rest it out of my system...i slept for like 18 hours straight...and woke up even worse...rested again yesterday and woke up even worse today...uhh

so first thing today we went to the hospital to get checked out. it´s so funny because you have to show your papers when you go to check in...when they see that you are american they automatically think that you can´t speak portuguê they always act super awkward but whatev. i went back got vitals taken, everything normal...and they went in to see the doctor. he was like "SIT!" (in english) and i don´t know why i thought it was so funny but i was busting up. we were talking for a little bit and he said that i speak português like an indian........thanks........anyway he stuck a flashlight down my throat and was like......"ughhhhh" and shivered. (refer to that part on freaky friday  when the little brother sees his mom´s thong hahaha) anyway he said that i have a bacterial infection and a lot of pus and junk going on in we got some meds and looks like i will live to see another day! wahoo! and sister correa and i taught him a lesson, kinda. it was cool. after my appointment sister winslow called the elders to report everything and she was describing what i had to one of the american elders, medical stuff is super hard in português so she was speaking english and all she said was...sister myers has some kind of infected bacteria pus stuff in her throat....and then there was a pause......and i was like....ya couldn´t think of any better way to word that?!! hahaha but oh well. the truth hurts folks.  

so today we get to watch a couple more movies...we got avengers! and we are going to make pão de quejo and i bought a pannetone! google those things! muito gostoso! i hope all of you have a happy and safe new years! weird...2013!! until next week! i fill you in on a lot more cool stuff tá bom?!

xoxo sister myers

the new area! chapecó, area: esplanada
beautiful! this is from our window!

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  1. Only Carly could make getting so sick sound like an adventure! I love the way she writes. Made me tear up when she was talking about talking to you guys over Christmas.