Monday, December 9, 2013

dear family-

it looks like my last pday has arrived and i´m trying to think of a way that i can express my´s not going so well.

i can´t believe my time is almost up. it´s the weirdest, out of body feeling. i swear i just got here. but like always...just when it´s getting´s time to head home. 

we saw a member in the street today from sister castro´s ward in belém. he moved here with his wife about 6 years ago and hadn´t seen sister castro in a really long time. he told us that he served in Rio. he said that it really was the best time of his life. he said that the mission in the best because its the time that we stopping caring about what the world thinks and we start working to show God what we got. everyday we show him the parent we will be, the servant we will be and the life that we will live. by our work and our dedication we prove ourselves to God. that´s what we learn on the mission. that´s why everyone says it´s really the best 2 years. it´s the time we have to prove ourselves worthy of the blessings we really deserve, and that our Heavenly Father is ready to send.

i really do believe it all too. and i don´t believe it just because it sounds nice, but because i´m sure this life has a purpose. and i´m positive that our purpose is to follow the gospel, no matter what.

i can honestly look in the mirror now and see a better woman. i can see a clearer future and i have this determination to live my life right. to work hard and to continue to serve diligently. 

i know that there are hard times ahead, mistakes that will be made and moments of doubts. but luckily i have this experience to always look back on and remember all of the times i have felt the spirit testify to me that Jesus Christ is my Savior. that He lives and that He is the redeember of the world. and not just that...but that He has a true church here on earth and that we can follow Him and never be lost. We can choose to be his witness and be blessed with the life that He wishes us to have. 

we choose our consequences. the gospel helps us choose our happiness. 

i love you all. thank you for the love and support during my time here in brazil. i have really been so happy here.

Sister Myers

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