Monday, July 29, 2013

congrats...on the new car...on the new phone...on the hikes...on the musicals...on everything. congrats ya silly yabbits.

okkk so how are you guys? every picture you send me it´s like you are all smiling so big your eyeballs are about to pop out of their sockets...sometimes i worry.

so this week was legit. i went on a division with Sister Reynosa. she is one of the two sisters in our mission that is from Argentina. and she is so rad. we had a lot of unusual success together. we found a less active member and her husband that´s not a member. we entered a house and taught an entire family about the restauration and invited them all to be baptized...and they said yes. and when we were on the bus i saw a teenage girl with super red hair. like the hair that i had before my mission, so i  went and sat by her to start like a fake red hair sister bond. i taught her about the book of mormon and she got super excited and asked us to bring one to her house for her. it´s awesome to be a missionary people. so all of these people live in Sister Reynosa´s area and she and her companion are working with them. i love the chance i have every day to share messages and meet new friends. it´s like facebook in real life...

soo also. you guys. i have a GPS built into my brain. like a wild huntress in action. it´s like a sixth missionary sense that i have developed. not to brag...but seriously. we met a less active member last week and she has a brother that is also less active. actually their whole family was less active but President Fernandes opened a branch in a little city called Imarui, and called the Dad of this less active family to be he was obiedent and started going back to church and was called to be President of this branch. anyway two of his kids live in my area. Aline who is 24 and Thiago who is 22. so we were visiting Aline and she mentioned that Thiago lived on a certain street in a kitnet (like a one bedrooom apartment, there are like a bajillion here in Brasil). so i´m kind of telling this story backwards so i hope you are following me. anyway...this week after lunch one say we were on our way to a neighborhood called São João but all of a sudden i remembered the street where Aline said that Thiago lives, and we were passing it! soo i was like...let´s try to find his house. so we walked and walked and walked and i saw some kitnets and a ton of construction so we entered and climbed the stairs and i knocked on the first door that we came too. and a young guy answered...with the same face that Aline has and i was like...breakdancing in my mind because i was so proud of i said hey were missionaries looking for Thiago (Thiago means James in english)...and he just smiled and was like, "i´m gunna kill Aline." haha and he called us elders... but it was cool because we talked to him for a little bit and his little brother was visiting and Sister Brasil actually taught and baptized him when she was seriving in it was like a perfect little story. 

ok sick of writing, i feel illiterate. my brains works in português.
love you

p.s. my lunch today.....

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